Application Security: where to start?

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Application Security (AppSec) is often an afterthought for a technology startup. Your focus is on launching an awesome new product that will change the world, not on making it secure. But when your product becomes popular and gains more and more customers, regulations and business clients pressure you to improve security. But where to start?

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Implement the right solutions

It is important to implement the right solutions, you are on a tight budget after all. Many industry standards exist that assess your business' current security practices and suggest solutions to improve them. OWASP SAMM is a commonly used, and opensource, example. It is a great start when faced with the challenge to improve AppSec, for companies of all sizes.

While we at Secuma perform these kinds of assessments, we are also a big fan of technology solutions. That's why we created a tool to perform a SAMM assessment that will reduce or even eliminate the need for costly external consultants. Our own results prove this: we reduced our efforts to perform a SAMM assessment by almost 50%, and you can too.

Are you a developer, tester or devops engineer? Follow our LinkedIn page, we will write about security practices you can implement to improve security in your application.
Would your business benefit from an OWASP SAMM assessment? Let us know and we'll give you access to our assessment tool.

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