Is my software secure?

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When your business is developing software, it becomes crucial to know: "is my software secure?" To answer that question you need a proper Application Security (AppSec) program.

The AppSec program is a continual loop of Assess -> Plan -> Improve

What's an AppSec program?

An AppSec program is simply put everything you do to develop secure software. This can be policies, processes or tools in use. Maintaining the AppSec program is done by the InfoSec team, or in smaller companies by the development team.

How to start an AppSec program?

Bootstrapping the AppSec program has long been the exclusive territory of security specialists. This has always required a rather large budget, which is not trivial for start-ups or even scale-ups. No wonder the AppSec program is not a priority in those kinds of companies.

But we believe, with the right advice and tools, any development team is able to bootstrap an AppSec program. You only need to:

  • assess using a secure development framework. Pro tip: use OWASP SAMM.
  • determine improvement goals.
  • plan to implement the improvements.

These 3 simple steps, performed in a continual loop, are the basis of your AppSec program.

Use the Secuma tools to implement an AppSec program

We've made it our mission to help companies of all sizes implement an effective AppSec program. Our tools allow you to assess your security practices, set improvement goals and track implementation progress. It will give you a concrete answer to the question: Is my software secure? And it's a lot more affordable than hiring external consultants to give you that answer. Why not give it a try?

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