Application security services

Use our expertise to tackle your application security and DevSecOps challenges. We perform assessments, threat modeling, security testing or other AppSec and DevSecOps related work.


Strategy & Management

Security assessment

Assess your security posture and act on suggested improvements.


Add a CISO to your executive team to oversee your security program.

ISO 27000 certification

Become and stay ISO 27000 certified.

Risk management

Assess threats and manage risk with a strategic security plan.

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Design diagram

Secure by design

Threat modeling

Model threats and find issues before implementation.

Architecture assessment

Find problems with your application architecture.

Security awareness training

Train employees to apply security principles during design and development.

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Test programming code

Security testing

Automated tests

Security tests in your CI/CD pipeline prevent issues from reaching production.

Penetration test

Simulate an attack on your most valuable assets.

Code reviews

Review code to make sure it meets quality standards.

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Gitlab CI/CD


CI/CD pipelines

Set up CI/CD pipelines to securely build and deploy software.

Secrets management

Keep your passwords and encryption keys safe with modern secrets management.

Secure cloud architecture

Set up a secure cloud environment for your customer data.

Infrastructure as code

Use Infrastructure as code (IaC) to manage IT infrastructure.

Our mission

Secuma helps technology companies develop more secure applications. We encourage and guide the integration of security best practices in the entire Software Development Lifecycle, improving the security of your applications and stopping issues from becoming incidents.

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